Reshape your body just the way you want it

Being a woman is God’s blessing. Having beautiful hairs and wonderful dresses to flaunt your figure in, it simply feels amazing. Some women are blessed with flawless skin while others are gifted with a perfect figure. Some do nothing but still end up looking great while others spend hours in front of the cupboard to find the perfect dress for themselves.

If you have a good figure than you can go ahead and wear anything you look. But what if you have small breasts that make you look disfigured? Your try to hide them behind lose clothes that don’t only look bad but make you feel manly. Being a girl is all about getting in touch with your feminine side and wearing clothes to boast your body.

There are many women in the world that are desperate to get larger breasts so that they can wear what they love and attract men towards their assets. Men are hungry for large breasts because having playing with them during sex increases the pleasure. Just looking at a woman’s naked body with bouncy boobs is enough to give a man an erection. So for all the ladies out there who have no sex life because of invisible boobs, here are a few tips to increase your cup size:

  • Eat carefully

Food plays an important role in our life. It does not only keep you alive but helps in proper growth and functioning of our body. Feeding the right kind of foods to your body not only keeps it healthy but can help you in improving your sex drive. How? The healthier you are the more energetic you will be. and when you are fresh you will obviously won’t to explore your partner’s body with your hands and lips.

Fruits and vegetable contains natural chemicals that improves the functioning of the brain which in turn is forced to release hormones that increases your libido and make you hungry for some bedroom fun.

  • Work out and stay active

With so many things on your mind and tight schedule to follow, many people have given up working out. Most women either working or stay-at-home moms forget to take some time out for themselves. Remember if you want to enhance the size of your assets naturally than make some room for a good work out regime in your busy schedule.

Physical activity increases the functioning of the brain and forces it to produce more sex hormones. Increases level of hormones and blood flow to your breasts will help the cells expand natural and give you bigger and better boobs. Total Curve Review

  • Brestrogen: Increase the size of your cup

Well of course with bigger breasts you also want firmer boobs. There are many ladies who have breasts of considerable size but they are lose and sagging which makes them embarrassed in front of their partners.

Don’t let such petty issues come into the way of your sex life. Try Brestrogen and get breasts that you always wished for. Not only does in it help you in enhancing the size of your boobs, but also contours and reshapes them. Made from natural ingredients, this formula focuses on solving your boob issues and gives unbelievable results.

  • Choosing a bra according to your size

Give your breasts a chance to breathe. Let them move around and find space to expand. Wearing the wrong bra and tight clothes can have a major impact on the growth of your boobs. The more tightly you keep them, the lesser space they will have to expand. So next time choose clothes that fit you perfectly and give your boobs a chance to increase.

  • Breast augmentation

People can go to any limits to get a body that they always desired. Some women are simply impatient and want to get quick results. For such women breast augmentation is the best option. It is a cosmetic procedure in which implants are places underneath the breast tissues to enhance them in size.

Such surgeries are expensive and have a few side effects but will give you permanent and quick results. If you can wait to impress your partner with bigger boobs, go a head with this procedure.

  • Supplements and creams

Have you ever come across creams and supplements for breasts enhancement? These products contain steroids and artificial chemicals that promise you to increase your cup size within days. Some of these pills and creams are effective and affordable but using them for a longer period of time can cause side effects.

  • Conclusion

Having a disturbed sex life just because of small breasts can be very upsetting. Try Brestrogen to gain amazing results and that too without any side effects. Unlike other products and surgery, this wonderful formula will help you get a body that just seemed a dream to you and rekindle the spark of your sex life.

Improve your bedroom performance with a larger penis

Satisfying women can be difficult especially with a smaller penis. Reaching orgasm and getting full pleasure out of sex is not everyone’s cup of tea. Enhancing the romance in your life can make you happier and stress free. But what if you have a small penis? is your lady love not satisfied with you?

Improve your manliness and power with just a few simple techniques. Your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your performance in the bedroom and size of your dong. The healthier life style you have, the more chance of a bigger dong you have. Rather than hiding under the covers and losing your confidence, focus on improving the size of your thing and reaching the climax.

Let your manliness come forward with a bang with an enlarged penis. Bang your partner with power and give her the experience of a lifetime. Let her go crazy and ask for more. And how about lasting longer in bed? Get back your stamina and last longer in bed with a great start and climax. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of sex all night long without getting exhausted and wake up to a more energized morning.

Still worried about your little manhood? Sit back and relax because here are the best techniques to enhance your penis size naturally. A man’s penis is the sign of masculinity and the larger it is, the better the sexual experience will be. If you want to satisfy your lady completely and give her an experience of a lifetime, enlarge your dong and let it do it’s magic.

  • Know what you eat

From fresh fruits to vegetable, eating everything in the right proportion is good for your body’s wellbeing. Your body at least needs 1000 calories in a day to run it functions normally and get you going throughout the day. The more energy your body will produce, the more stamina and endurance you will develop. Only a well-balanced diet can work towards improving your performance during the whole act of having sex and save you from getting embarrassed in front of your partner. Only a physically fit person with a fresh mind will be able to enjoy every aspect of normal and sex life. Bathmate Review

  • Penomet: Penis enhancement device

Sometimes using different products and making efforts to enhance your penis’s size can all go in vain. You might be unable to find the right device for enlarging your dong. Now introducing a new and revolutionary penis enhancement device to you called Penomet.

Use it while taking a shower and let the magic happen. Place the cylinder on your penis, close the gaiter and let the vacuum form inside. The compressed air will apply pressure on your entire penis to enhance it in size proportionally.

Not only does it help in increasing the size, put caters other manhood problems too. It can straighten a curved penis if used for some time and make you last longer in bed. So work your way towards the out of the world experience and make you partner long for more with a penis size that every man dreams of having.

  • Exercise for a healthier life

Dance until your legs hurt or sweat in the gym, incorporating some sort of physical activity in your daily routine is very important. Not only will it keep your body healthy but always work for the wellbeing of your mind. There are exercises specially designed to cater your manhood problems. If you consult a doctor, he might tell you exercise to improve your sex drive, control problems like pre-mature ejaculation and even enhance the size of your penis. Incorporating workout regime in your daily life will keep you stress free, improve your stamina and enhance your sex drive so that you can have a better sex life.

  • Pills and creams

One of the least expensive ways of enhancing your dong’s size is by using over the counter supplements and creams. These products promise you to give 100% results but using them for a longer period of can time can have side effects.

  • Surgical procedures

Some guys want instant results when it comes to the size of their penis. Rather than waiting for some days to see the results, they prefer opting for expensive surgeries. Such surgeries do provide 100% results but cannot be afforded by everyone. Penis enhancement surgeries do have a few side effects and if gone wrong you can lose your sex drive and tool forever.

  • Conclusion

No guy can face the embarrassment of a small penis. They will try their best to increase its size and improve their stamina to last longer in bed. Most of the penis enhancement products and procedures have side effects, but Penomet is the only device that helps solve your problem naturally.

In this era of advanced technology, enhancing the penis size and improving bedroom confidence has become easier. Experts around the world have gathered to make efforts to help men with their penis’s problems so that they can have a better sex life with confidence.

D-Bal – Muscle & Bulking Supplement

Have you been going to a gym to gain huge muscles mass? Did not get the required muscles strength you wanted? What is the quickest possible solution available these days to gain huge muscles without doing anything hard in a gym? There are steroids such as Dianabol that have been introduced in the markets that have excellent muscles gain results.

Steroids to Gain Muscles

For the production of proteins and to gain huge muscles mass, the cells of our body have to retain nitrogen. The use of steroids such as Dianabol give a boost to the nitrogen retaining ability of the cells of our body and this way, we gain huge muscles mass fast. Dbal

These steroids, i.e. Dianabol also elevate our levels of energy. These also give a boost to the protein build up in our body. This way, we gain huge muscles mass.

How do the Steroids for Muscles Gain Work?

What are the functions of these steroids, i.e. Dianabol for the development of your muscles? How do these products work for building your muscles fast?

  • The first function of these steroids, i.e. Dianabol is to boost up the rate of metabolism in our bodies. The boosted protein metabolism is needed for the growth and buildup of the muscles of the men.
  • Also, for building muscles, there is a need to maintain nitrogen balance in our bodies. The use of these products keeps nitrogen balance and thus, your muscles mass is build up at a faster rate.
  • The products function more effectively if you use the product along with taking long hours of workouts in a gym. The workouts combined with these steroids yield quick results of muscles build up for the men.

What are the Side Effects?

Is the use of steroids such as Dianabol safe for the buildup of your muscles? The use of these products does not have any kinds of serious side effects. However; it is a fact that these formulas may also have some damaging effects on the functions and the health of your liver.

The other side effects that have been reported are that these steroids also cause several skin problems such as acne, pimples, and excess of oil on your skin.

Also, the growth of your hair is affected by using the steroids, i.e. Dianabol.

The use of these formulas to get muscles mass also has undesirable effects on the production of testosterone.

Men always want to gain huge muscles. For this, they always need the quickest possible solution. These days when the supplements for different health problems are being used, the use of the formulas for muscles gain has also increased now.

If you also have a lean body and want to gain huge muscles mass, you can also try steroids, i.e. Dianabol. The results of these formulas are ensured and safe to some extent. However; it is recommended to use any kinds of such products with the prescription of your doctor only. So, give a try to these solutions and get the body you want.

Total Curve Testimonials & Customer Reviews

In the market of regular bosom upgrade pills and creams, you can’t resist the urge to ponder which item works, and all the more essentially on the off chance that they would work for you. Add up to Curve surveys on numerous sites online can offer data about the items. However, in this post we will give you the full points of interest of this framework so you can settle on a very much educated purchasing choice toward the end of this post!

Now that you’re here, you are going to discover reality behind the item; what the framework contains, the outcomes you can expect, how the framework works, the outcomes individuals have gotten, where to get it at the best cost with the assurance.

Product Overview

Basically, it is a characteristic bosom improvement framework created to help you accomplish fuller and firmer looking bosoms without surgery. The item definition has been logically tried to work securely and adequately. Ensured by clients’ tributes everywhere throughout the world, this item has been a piece of many ladies’ examples of overcoming adversity, and self-assurance promoter, on account of its top-scored 100% regular natural fixings.

This is a safe and practical answer for those of us who are searching for the answers for one’s worry in the presence of one’s bosoms without the expensive and difficult surgeries. This comes without the well being dangers and it has done marvels to a significant number of ladies everywhere throughout the world.

What is in the Total Curve System?

It is a two-stage framework intended for simple everyday use for greatest results:

  • A Daily Supplement
  • Firming and Lifting Gel with Volufiline

The combo is intended to professedly help you accomplish the sought comes about by working both inside and remotely.

How Does Total Curve Work?

Step 1 – The supplement pills

Fabricated in a GMP ensured lab, the supplement pills in the Total Curve framework contain just the most secure and institutionalized demonstrated fixings; favored thorn, wild yam, Damiana, fennel seeds, just to give some examples. This is not some knock-off supplement pills with irregular fixings set up together into containers. This is a deliberately chosen mix of phytoestrogen herbs that are demonstrated to work.

The normal and safe phytoestrogens in the herbs that are contained in the supplement pills are what hold the keys to the accomplishment of your bosom development. Like youthful ripe ladies who grow full and elevated bosoms that are alluring to the inverse sexual orientation, the generation of body’s female hormone called estrogens assume the significant part in that procedure. That is the thing that the phytoestrogens in the herbs are for; copying the body’s common estrogen procedure to deceive it into deduction it’s in adolescence, prepared to create bosom cells, and add water maintenance to the region for more plumped and elevated appearance of the bosoms.

Step 2 – Total Curve Firming Gel with Volufiline

Volufiline is a protected fixing that has been demonstrated to add volume to the connected range without the risky reactions or at all. As far as anyone knows, the fixing works by actually expanding the greasy tissue in the bosom territory. Brestrogen vs Total Curve

Does Total Curve Work Really?

Does it work? Here’s the solution for your question; ‘Yes, it works!’ But remember the ladies who get the chance to see the expansion of the bosom examine to 3 mugs were utilizing the framework with teach for 6 months ceaselessly! That is a standout among st the most critical thing you will get from this audit; consistency and persistence will give you the craved results!


By Sabella Dziabczenko on November 10, 2014

I was doubtful yet cheerful when I purchased this – I had lost some completion in my bust when I lost some weight, and was planning to recapture it without surgery. I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. Alright, this stuff really works. I am amazed, however truly upbeat! I’ve put on immovability and weight – I will most certainly be utilizing this more!

By Bella on December 2, 2011

These stuff don’t work. The pills made me breakout. I got pimples everywhere on my brow which had never happened! The pitiful thing is they don’t work by any means! No shivering, no sore, nothing! I dumped whatever is left of pills, and kept the cream however it doesn’t appear to do anything to improve my bosoms, thought to utilize it amid my back rub schedule. I now changing to taking herbals that are recorded on the greater part of the bosom pills. Red clover, wild yam, fenugreek, and saw palmetto. They appear to work! My bosoms got to be firmer inside first week. I likewise drink huge amounts of water and devoured as much protein, since that is the thing that bosoms are most comprise of. Ideally this audit will bail those young ladies out there. Do not squander your cash on aggregate bend!

By Leela Daniel on April 20, 2015

They are working. You women need to eat solid and drink sound. What’s more, if your enormous boned then it takes somewhat longer to get any outcomes. So relies on upon your body weight. Greater ladies it takes longer littler ladies doesn’t take that long. Give it time. It will work

By Alice Hogwarts on August 8, 2015

A well-known contrasting option to surgery that might be irregularly and confidingly viable for a few, yet just like the case with me, in the event that you are lucky to experience development, it soon gets to be stagnant as well as switches totally in spite of normal and back to back months of utilization. Unless you’re looking for a POSSIBLE help for a specific occasion, or you’re a Jenner looking for a front for a large number of dollars’ worth of plastic surgery, I’d allow this one to sit bothered.

By Amelia on March 13, 2015

This won’t not appear like much but rather this is really a gigantic advance on the off chance that you contrast with having no boobs at all 6 months prior. I was an entire level a container measured with zero certainty. Presently I can fill in a B container bras and now and then they may even feel too little. To be straightforward this is a significant astonishing feeling; to feel like a lady and having the capacity to wear low profile shirts feeling more hot and female! I know this is something that every one of us need. Yet, now you can have similar comes about without going through the excruciating methodology!

Finding ways to enhance your penis? here are a few useful tips

Not all men are lucky enough to be born with the perfectly sized penis. Some men may stress over the small size of their penis and lose confidence. A guy’s manliness is usually measured by the size of his penis; the bigger it is the manlier he is.

Even some women believe the larger a man’s dong will be, the more enjoyable sex will be which is true to some extent. A small penis is not the only thing that can affect you sex life adversely. Reduced stamina and not being able to last longer can ruin pretty much everything for you? What can be worst than not being able to satisfy your partner?

Get a grip on your life and make efforts to improve your life. Make sex more pleasurable and gain back your confidence with an enlarged penis by following just a few tips and techniques.

  • Give up all the bad habits

If you do drugs, smoke or eve drink beer, it is time to give them all up because these bad habits can affect your sex life adversely. Not only will you lose your libido but will lose you stamina to last even a few minutes in bed.

Smoking and drinking interferes with the smooth blood flow throughout the body which means the pumped blood is unable to reach your penis completely. Reduced blood supply can weaken the tissues and cells in your sex organ. Leaving these habits will improve the blood flow which will result in multiplication of cells and your dong will expand in its size.

  • Go for healthy food options

Fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products, than can be better and healthier then these items. These items are packed with nutrients that will give you an energy boost and keep your mind active. Many of the fruits carry antioxidant too which helps in detoxifying your body and improving your mental and physical health. The more active your brain is, the more sex hormones it will produce and will give you powerful erections and intense orgasms. Jes Extender Review

  • Say hello to penis enhancement tool: Size Genetics

Take your time to get used to the new changes in lifestyle and meanwhile give Size Genetics a try. This amazing device is designed especially for men who have smaller penises and find it hard to last longer in bed. This device can be easily placed over the penis and worn under baggy pants.

The tool applies pressure on the penis equally so that it increases in size proportionally and in a natural way. Say hello to a larger penis and improved sex life within a few days.

  • Exercise is important

Physical activity is very important to stay fit. From playing tennis to brisk walk, do what you like unless and until you keep moving. The healthier your mind will be and the better the blood flow, the more stamina you will develop to have sex all night long with a larger penis. So say bye to being lazy and become more active if you want to improve your bedroom pleasures.

  • Take warm shower

Men should avoid cold showers because cold water can shrink the size of your penis. Fill a tub with steaming water and always submerge yourself in a hot water bath. Not only will it relax your muscles but also expand the cells in the penis increasing it in size.

  • Wear the right undergarments

Give your dong the space to breathe and expand with the right sized undergarments. Tight fitted and wrong sized underwear can stop the expansion of cells and you may be left with a small penis just because of your wrong choice of clothes. Wear a lose underwear so that your penis can breathe openly and the cells can find space for expansion. The higher the rate of cell multiplication, the more quickly your penis will increase in size and that too naturally.

  • Pills and supplements

If you thing nothing has worked for you then try the variety of pills and supplements in the market that promise to enhance your penis’s size within a few days. Not only these enhance your dong’s size, improve your sex drive but also help you to last longer in bed. These pills may contain side effects and may not be as effective as you want them to be.

  • Conclusion

With just a few changes, you can bring a lot of positive change in your sex life. the best way to enlarge your penis is by using SizeGenetics which is safe and a natural way to get the desired results. Rather than going for artificial pills and costly surgeries, focus on changing your life style which will support your sexual desires and restore your bedroom confidence.

Tricks and techniques to increase your man power

Do you remember when the last time you enjoyed great sex was? Is it because your tool is too small or your sex drive has reduced? Sometimes increasing age can be a reason for decreasing sex drive while most of the guys are unhappy with their performance in bed due to small penis.

Having powerful orgasms and giving pleasure to your partner is not everyone’s thing. You need to have a lot of stamina to last longer in bed and do it over and over again.  If your still young and want longer lasting stamina and power to make love to your partner than it is important to have harder and longer erections.

The bigger your dong is, the more your partner will be aroused so make efforts to enhance your penis’s size and go wild with it. So what can you do to improve your penis’s size? Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Be active

Go for morning walk or exercise in the gym is totally up to, what’s important is that you should stay active. Physical health enhances the production of testosterone in the body which is a male sex hormone. The higher its production will be, the more it will work towards a guy’s sex organs and drive. So if you want enhance your penis and improve your sex life, be as much active as you can.

  • Eat well

Junk foods and unhealthy foods have never done well to anyone. It is time that you check what you are eating. Your body needs the right nutrients to function properly. Lack of minerals and vitamins are one of the basic reasons for decreased stamina and pre-mature ejaculation. So if you want to have harder, long lasting erections with powerful orgasm, see what you are eating next time you pick up your plate.

  • Male Extra: Improve your sex life

Get charged up and enjoy sex like never before with Male extra. A wonderful supplement that will solve all of your manhood issues. Enhance the size of your penis, have powerful erections and improve your timing, all with the use of this simple product.

If you are one of those people who are too lazy for workout and love eating junk, than use this supplement and rock in bed all night long. Your partner will be even shocked to so much power in you. Rekindle the spark of your sex life with this supplement. Semenax Review

  • Devices for penis enhancement

If you are too desperate to enlarge your penis than go for devices specially designed to help you out with your thing. These devices not only increase the size of your dong but also help with other issues like pre-mature ejaculation, erection problem and curved penis. Within just a few weeks of using such devices, you’ll be able to see a major change in the size of your dong and get harder and powerful erections.

  • Enhancement surgeries

These may be costly and risky, but the results of surgeries can be quick and permanent. There are many guys out there who are stressed and ashamed of their small penis, erection problems and not being able to last a few minutes in bed due to lack of stamina.

If you want quick results than go ahead with enhancement surgery which will give you the desired result and help you in regaining back your confidence.

  • Be happy and stress free

With so many burdens on your shoulders and things to worry about, losing your sex drive is pretty normal. If you are always low on energy and do not get aroused by watching your hot partner, than it is time you unload the burden from your shoulders. Stress can make you mentally unhealthy and if your brain won’t be active, it won’t be able to function properly. You will lose your stamina and powerful erections just because your mind is too stressed out.

Take a back seat and relax. Let go of all of your worries and place your mind at peace so that it can control the production of male sex hormones that will not only give you power to enjoy all night long with intense orgasms, but also will enlarge your penis.

  • Conclusion

Don’t let an issue like small penis or work stress ruin your sex life. Use these tips and tricks especially Male Extra supplements to improve your stamina and increase your bedroom confidence. Give your partner an wild ride all night with harder and longer erections. Make efforts to improve your dong’s size so that you can enter the room with confidence and rock it all night with your partner. With just a few small changes in your lifestyle, you can improve your sex life to a huge extent.

Sustaining Weight Loss During Vacations with Six Easy Tricks!

Eat less, burn more! No matter how much we try to condition ourselves according to this phrase, we as individuals always fail because its human nature to let the desires control us. We’ll eat too much or we won’t have time to burn off what we’ve consumed and in this crossfire, we tend to ignore how important it is to maintain balance.

Exercise is extremely important; the underlying motive is to stay active and stay fit by sustaining the ideal weight. It can be achieved through working out or resorting to the easier way i.e. weight loss pills or supplements. i liked this This can include the Phen375 supplement which is highly beneficial when it comes to reducing weight effortlessly.

The real challenge is when we’re on holiday and these aspects of our life start to bother us. Hence here are 6 life hacks through which we can maintain weight loss when we’re in vacation mode and do not know what exactly to do.

Sharing is caring

Parting the food with your partner helps you in consuming fewer calories. Not only will that it allow you to try more items on the menu! Whether it’s an appetizer, main course or dessert, make sure you split it in half with your significant other! So here’s one way in which you can have a great holiday and zero weight gain.

Take the road by foot

Its essential that we avoid all sorts of public transport in order to fully explore the culture of a country or a city. This not only provides us with a greater insight into the place but it also ensures our fitness. Walking is extremely healthy as it is defined as a good work out. This particular activity strengthens our heart as well as lungs as the blood flow becomes very active. It tones up our muscles putting us in good shape. So grab your shoes and walk away!

Fruity feels

Fruits are the nourishment we all need. They help in strengthening your immune system and weight loss. They are a natural means of burning calories as they are extremely filling. They have no fat or carbs so no matter how many fruit salads you grab on your way, need not worry because they are most healthy edibles you can come across on your trip. However, ditch mangoes. The ideal fruits are oranges, bananas, strawberries, guavas, apples, etc.

Dance the night away

The more you move, the more you lose, that’s a fact! So make sure that you are dancing to your highest potential. Whether it’s at a bar or a club or even behind the greasy walls of your hotel room. The more you flow with the music, the more you sweat and in turn more calories you burn. This a super fun way of losing weight because you can totally let yourself go. It also puts you in a good mood as it releases dopamine. Feel the adrenaline!

Midnight snack

Do not give in to the midnight cravings as this is the worst thing you can do to yourself. When you give in to your midnight munchies, you are breeding your fat sodium belly which will only grow; because when you sleep on a full stomach, the fat tends to stay as you have not digested the food. You should start eating small meals at different intervals during the day so that when its midnight, you don’t feel that hungry and if you do, then you can control your hunger.
Another alternative to this is having dinner maximum 30 minutes later than its actual time; this will allow you to have a full belly during the night when its time for you to have your munchies. Also, since midnight cravings can turn into a habit; don’t fret if you feel hungry for a week without your food. Let time pass and the habit will change itself.

Embrace your inner sleeping beauty

Sleep is a very very important determinant in staying healthy. This can help you lose weight naturally. It helps our body in resting and recharging our cells. You should sleep for minimum eight hours; that is the ideal time. Hence, it is necessary for the human body to sleep in one go without any interruptions as that is what will ensure their health.
Another factor includes sleeping no later than 11pm at night. The reason is, if you sleep during the morning when the sun is out, you can actually steal the precious sunny hours from your body which actually deliver it vitamin D and other essential nutrients.

In essence, you can adopt these measures in controlling your weight or you can take the easy way out and take on diet pills; Phen375

Different views of successful, healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss is an activity of losing extra or unhealthy fat form your body via regulating your diet, exercise, activity and lifestyle. However there are different views of healthy weight loss that help to reduce weight. Some would show the effect in short term and some would take time to show the impact. The point is none of them is altogether wrong. Different views work for different bodies and people with different metabolism work. This article would also reveal how use of Phen375 compliments these views of successful healthy weight loss.

Low Carb View of Weight Loss

This view does not focus on how much calories you consume but on how the fat accumulates in body after consumption of carbohydrates. This view focuses on roles on hormones especially role of insulin.

When we eat a meal the food that we eat gets converted into carbohydrates and enters the main bloodstream. To keep the blood glucose level normal the body mechanism constantly burns this glucose even before it burns the fat from our meal. When we eat a carbohydrate rich meal our body releases insulin to regulate the glucose produced by that carbohydrates intake.  Now this insulin has two main functions.  It prevents the fat cells from releasing the fat into your blood stream as fuel because it considers burning glucose more than fat. As a result it creates more fat cells to store everything in your body that cannot be burn off. Because of the increase fat cells storage weight increases and now the body demands more fuel as carbohydrates to burn as fuel and you start consuming more carbohydrates.  As insulin only priority function is to burn carbohydrates so the body craves for more carbs and there the evil cycle of eating more and gaining weight starts. When you tend to lose weight it means you need to break this cycle.  Phen375 proves to be an effective supplement in this regard as when it is used in night time 15 minutes before the evening meal it tends to reduce the late night cravings and also tends to reduce the stimulants effects on your body that disturbs the night sleep which is essential for active metabolism and healthy weight loss.

The calories intake and Burning View

This is the second view of the healthy weight loss which gives importance to the active utilization of the calories you consume in form of food.  This view of weight loss also emphasizes on the types of calories you intake and how you burn them. For example eating 100 calories of a Nutella would have a different impact on your body than the 100 calories of baked cauliflower pieces.  The tip here is to regulate what type of calories you intake. Replace the packed, tinned food items with the fresh alternatives (for e.g. vegetables) that would give you a satisfying, filing experience and would also not add loads of calories to your body.

Secondly when you are reducing the calorie intake the weight loss does not remain the same. You will notice that in initial weeks of cutting down the calories you will lose more weight but after that you would lose less weight or may be your weight loss has stopped with the same reduced calorie intake. The reason here is initially from body you were losing water, fats and few lean tissues gradually the body is left only with fats which are slow to burn and hard to remove from body because of which your weight loss becomes slow. So in order to lose weight you need to cut down more calories each week.

In this view we also need to think that we start eating more when we are stressed which means our calorie intake is also regulated by the amount or level of stress we have on us psychologically or emotionally. Often it happens when we are feeling sad or lonely we start eating the things available in the fridge or in the pantry. For example a bag of Cheetos or , bar of cheese, a bag of chips or an ice cream bucket. Our psychological stress sometimes triggers our eating and it results in high calorie intake.  The point is we need to regulate our calorie intake routine and identify what triggers the high calorie intake. Phen375 in this view also assist in keeping the weight loss, metabolism in check.  Pen 24 works best when you are on healthy diet , working out daily and also enjoying some quality sleep it guarantees the healthy weight loss. If you take Phen24 during day time 30 minutes before the breakfast it enhances your calorie burning process and provides you with more energy.

In short different healthy weight loss views are effective and useful.

Eat Mindfully

The title seems to be heavy but let’s start with the simple definition what mindfulness is. It is intentionally paying attention to what is happening inside and outside of your body. By inside we mean you have full awareness of what is happening in your heart, mind and body. By outside it means the environment in which you are surviving. Important thing is mindfulness is not at all about criticizing or judging yourself. Now let’s come to what mindful eating is? It is paying full attention to your experience of eating and drinking both inside and outside of your body simultaneously. Eating mindfully involves paying your whole attention to the color, aroma, texture, experience and even the sound of the food (Crunchy or gooey). When we are paying attention to body we learn which part of the body is feeling hungry?  When my body feels fully satisfied?. Is my body half full now or three quarters full etc.

It is not just food that we pay attention to it is our mind also. When eating mindfully we pay attention to how our mind is responding. To avoid the judgment or criticism usually we tend ourselves into distraction practices like watching TV while eating , we are web browsing and forgot what we had in our plate or on the side of our laptop which makes us eating mindlessly. We often tend to experience impulse to drink few sips of a coffee, juice or to take bites of something while watching TV, net surfing, talking on phone. What happens is when we pay attention to that impulse and respond to it we get away from our mindful eating task and start eating mindlessly. PhenQ helps you to reduce that impulse and mindless eating. So when you start the mindful eating and want to be consistent with it don’t forget to take PhenQ for that.

Now it is the right time to kick start the mindful eating experience and to enjoy and control what you have in your routine. Keep in mind you become what you eat!  I know the old habits of eating are not easy to give up so we are not going to make any drastic changes here. We will take baby steps to regain that joy of eating food and health.

1-Try taking at least first four sips of your drink with full attention.

2-Do one at a time. If you are reading and have a cup of coffee beside you try not to take sips simultaneously. Try to keep book aside for a second and enjoy the coffee all alone without words.

3-At your homes try to make family dinner time a mindful experience for all. Ask your family to eat in silence for at least first 5-7 minutes. Ask your family to think about what they are eating while eating what they have in their plates.

4- Notice that how your mood gets affected by what you eat? This means which particular type of food makes you happy, sad or bloated?

5-Listen to your body hunger cues carefully and only to eat when you are fully hungry.

6-Appreciate for what you have in your plate, thankfulness along with mindfulness would do wonders to your body.

At individual level start eating mindfully by asking yourself questions. Whenever you feel hungry ask yourself why should I eat? After that ask you when do I start eating, when do I feel like I have to eat? Is that when I am feeling bored or waiting for my train to arrive? When I decide that I have to start eating? Is that the time when I totally give up upon my impulse to eat something while waiting for the train or bus to arrive?.  The next important question is. What do I eat? What options I have to choose from? How I am going to take decision of what I am going to eat this time? Here PhenQ comes to rescue that would not only help you in reducing your  impulse to eat something heavy and junky that your body may enjoy temporarily but may leave you feeling bloated in the longer run. After deciding the options it is time to decide how you are going to get that food for you and importantly how much you are going to give that food of your body. How much my body needs?  After eating where I am going to consume all that energy that I gained from this eating experience.

Following the steps and questions mentioned above would enable your mindful eating experience and you will also become mindful eater in no time. It will train your mind and body to adopt healthy life style.

4 DIY recipes for maintaining the shape of muscles

Now that you have worked hard and you are all happy and satisfied with yourself, it is time to sit back and relax, right? Not really!

building muscle shape

Time for you to down-grade your workouts a bit! This does not mean that you can slack or take days off from gym.

You just need to cut back a little and enjoy this time. You have achieved your target and won the iron game, you can actually relish this.

No more spending crazy hours at the gym and gorging on protein-laden meals.

Maintaining your muscles is not necessarily a difficult task, in fact you just need to alter your workout routine and your diet.

So here we are sharing a few ways you can maintain the shape of your muscles.

Your Diet Still Matters

Your days of calculated 5-6 meals a day are over. No more keeping watch on every bit of morsel you eat.

Hooray! But that does not mean that you can eat that greasy burger with a hefty serving of fries.

The difference between your nutrition now and then is a big one. When you are building muscles, you are entitled to a surplus calorie intake, mostly in the form of proteins, to ensure proper muscle growth.

However, when it comes to maintaining muscles, you have to be extra watchful. You don’t want to over-do and you don’t want to under-do your caloric intake.

You can get back to having the standard three meals, instead of 5-6 meals a day, but make sure you stay within your caloric limits.

Going under that limit can make you lose muscle and that is something you don’t want.

Eat as healthily as possible. Just because you are training less, does not mean that you have to compromise on your nutrition.

Don’t starve yourself, grab an apple or a handful of nuts to ensure that you are satiated and do not over-eat at your next meal. Proteins are still going to be best-friend, but it is just the calorie count that you will be keeping an eye on.

Moderation is the key when it comes to carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Train Regularly!

When your aim is to maintain your muscle shape, you have to train regularly. One thing to keep in mind is that you can not lose muscle overnight.

That said, if you are unable to train for a few days, don’t beat yourself over it! You are not going to lose muscle.

If you are used to going to the gym 5 days a week, hitting 12-15 sets per body part, then now is the time to reduce not only the number of days but also to reduce the number of reps.

Don’t lift as heavy weights as you used to, but down-grade the weights. Don’t worry, you will not lose muscle.

So enjoy this time and give your joints some rest! Getting help from a legal anabolic steroid, Crazy Bulk, to help improve the efficiency of your workouts is perfectly fine.

But remember that every workout that you do, should count! Opt forcompound exercises rather than isolation exercises.

Cardio is Your Friend!

Now that you have built your muscles properly and are satisfied, it is time to focus on another part of your body: your cardiovascular system.

cardio workout

Take this down-time as an opportunity to increase your stamina and endurance.

When you are building muscles, your focus is on strength training and cardio is a secondary feature of your workouts.

But now that you are on the ‘maintenance streak’, you can focus on cardio.

This will help you lose body fat, without affecting your muscles. Be sure that you are eating healthily and not skimping on proper nutrition.

The recommended way to incorporate cardio in your new routine is to do high intensity interval workouts.

Another advice is to keep your strength training days that target legs, separate from your cardio days where you sprint or jog!

When you do cardio, make sure you do it before breakfast to ensure maximum fat loss, as at that time hormone-sensitive lipase is fully activated.

This hormone is a major fat-burning hormone and ensures that you don’t lose muscle.

Bodybuilding Supplements!

This is one tricky part of maintaining muscles. You are not here to build muscles, so you can go easy on supplements.

Fish oil capsules and multivitamins are what you are going to need.

If you want, you can take an additional supplement to maintain your muscle health and strength, Crazy Bulk is one such supplement.

It is a legal anabolic steroid which enhances not only your muscle strength, but also improves muscle performance and this is exactly what you need.

Muscle Maintenance is About Keeping your Gains, So Stick to a Healthy Diet and a Regular Exercise Routine!