Eat Mindfully

The title seems to be heavy but let’s start with the simple definition what mindfulness is. It is intentionally paying attention to what is happening inside and outside of your body. By inside we mean you have full awareness of what is happening in your heart, mind and body. By outside it means the environment in which you are surviving. Important thing is mindfulness is not at all about criticizing or judging yourself. Now let’s come to what mindful eating is? It is paying full attention to your experience of eating and drinking both inside and outside of your body simultaneously. Eating mindfully involves paying your whole attention to the color, aroma, texture, experience and even the sound of the food (Crunchy or gooey). When we are paying attention to body we learn which part of the body is feeling hungry?  When my body feels fully satisfied?. Is my body half full now or three quarters full etc.

It is not just food that we pay attention to it is our mind also. When eating mindfully we pay attention to how our mind is responding. To avoid the judgment or criticism usually we tend ourselves into distraction practices like watching TV while eating , we are web browsing and forgot what we had in our plate or on the side of our laptop which makes us eating mindlessly. We often tend to experience impulse to drink few sips of a coffee, juice or to take bites of something while watching TV, net surfing, talking on phone. What happens is when we pay attention to that impulse and respond to it we get away from our mindful eating task and start eating mindlessly. PhenQ helps you to reduce that impulse and mindless eating. So when you start the mindful eating and want to be consistent with it don’t forget to take PhenQ for that.

Now it is the right time to kick start the mindful eating experience and to enjoy and control what you have in your routine. Keep in mind you become what you eat!  I know the old habits of eating are not easy to give up so we are not going to make any drastic changes here. We will take baby steps to regain that joy of eating food and health.

1-Try taking at least first four sips of your drink with full attention.

2-Do one at a time. If you are reading and have a cup of coffee beside you try not to take sips simultaneously. Try to keep book aside for a second and enjoy the coffee all alone without words.

3-At your homes try to make family dinner time a mindful experience for all. Ask your family to eat in silence for at least first 5-7 minutes. Ask your family to think about what they are eating while eating what they have in their plates.

4- Notice that how your mood gets affected by what you eat? This means which particular type of food makes you happy, sad or bloated?

5-Listen to your body hunger cues carefully and only to eat when you are fully hungry.

6-Appreciate for what you have in your plate, thankfulness along with mindfulness would do wonders to your body.

At individual level start eating mindfully by asking yourself questions. Whenever you feel hungry ask yourself why should I eat? After that ask you when do I start eating, when do I feel like I have to eat? Is that when I am feeling bored or waiting for my train to arrive? When I decide that I have to start eating? Is that the time when I totally give up upon my impulse to eat something while waiting for the train or bus to arrive?.  The next important question is. What do I eat? What options I have to choose from? How I am going to take decision of what I am going to eat this time? Here PhenQ comes to rescue that would not only help you in reducing your  impulse to eat something heavy and junky that your body may enjoy temporarily but may leave you feeling bloated in the longer run. After deciding the options it is time to decide how you are going to get that food for you and importantly how much you are going to give that food of your body. How much my body needs?  After eating where I am going to consume all that energy that I gained from this eating experience.

Following the steps and questions mentioned above would enable your mindful eating experience and you will also become mindful eater in no time. It will train your mind and body to adopt healthy life style.