Different views of successful, healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss is an activity of losing extra or unhealthy fat form your body via regulating your diet, exercise, activity and lifestyle. However there are different views of healthy weight loss that help to reduce weight. Some would show the effect in short term and some would take time to show the impact. The point is none of them is altogether wrong. Different views work for different bodies and people with different metabolism work. This article would also reveal how use of Phen375 compliments these views of successful healthy weight loss.

Low Carb View of Weight Loss

This view does not focus on how much calories you consume but on how the fat accumulates in body after consumption of carbohydrates. This view focuses on roles on hormones especially role of insulin.

When we eat a meal the food that we eat gets converted into carbohydrates and enters the main bloodstream. To keep the blood glucose level normal the body mechanism constantly burns this glucose even before it burns the fat from our meal. When we eat a carbohydrate rich meal our body releases insulin to regulate the glucose produced by that carbohydrates intake.  Now this insulin has two main functions.  It prevents the fat cells from releasing the fat into your blood stream as fuel because it considers burning glucose more than fat. As a result it creates more fat cells to store everything in your body that cannot be burn off. Because of the increase fat cells storage weight increases and now the body demands more fuel as carbohydrates to burn as fuel and you start consuming more carbohydrates.  As insulin only priority function is to burn carbohydrates so the body craves for more carbs and there the evil cycle of eating more and gaining weight starts. When you tend to lose weight it means you need to break this cycle.  Phen375 proves to be an effective supplement in this regard as when it is used in night time 15 minutes before the evening meal it tends to reduce the late night cravings and also tends to reduce the stimulants effects on your body that disturbs the night sleep which is essential for active metabolism and healthy weight loss.

The calories intake and Burning View

This is the second view of the healthy weight loss which gives importance to the active utilization of the calories you consume in form of food.  This view of weight loss also emphasizes on the types of calories you intake and how you burn them. For example eating 100 calories of a Nutella would have a different impact on your body than the 100 calories of baked cauliflower pieces.  The tip here is to regulate what type of calories you intake. Replace the packed, tinned food items with the fresh alternatives (for e.g. vegetables) that would give you a satisfying, filing experience and would also not add loads of calories to your body. http://www.phen375effective.com

Secondly when you are reducing the calorie intake the weight loss does not remain the same. You will notice that in initial weeks of cutting down the calories you will lose more weight but after that you would lose less weight or may be your weight loss has stopped with the same reduced calorie intake. The reason here is initially from body you were losing water, fats and few lean tissues gradually the body is left only with fats which are slow to burn and hard to remove from body because of which your weight loss becomes slow. So in order to lose weight you need to cut down more calories each week.

In this view we also need to think that we start eating more when we are stressed which means our calorie intake is also regulated by the amount or level of stress we have on us psychologically or emotionally. Often it happens when we are feeling sad or lonely we start eating the things available in the fridge or in the pantry. For example a bag of Cheetos or , bar of cheese, a bag of chips or an ice cream bucket. Our psychological stress sometimes triggers our eating and it results in high calorie intake.  The point is we need to regulate our calorie intake routine and identify what triggers the high calorie intake. Phen375 in this view also assist in keeping the weight loss, metabolism in check.  Pen 24 works best when you are on healthy diet , working out daily and also enjoying some quality sleep it guarantees the healthy weight loss. If you take Phen24 during day time 30 minutes before the breakfast it enhances your calorie burning process and provides you with more energy.

In short different healthy weight loss views are effective and useful.

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